Bhumi’s Farm

Our Approach

To become happy in life is a whole science we aim to teach at Bhumi’s Farm. With our practical method every young person can discover their jubilant nature. With a combination of many learning activities and mentoring, they can come every day a step closer to a happy and determined life. 


Care for Body, Mind & Soul

Empowering Youth requires first and foremost a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a connection with the higher self. Through our youth activities, we aim to provide young people with the most important foundation for a happy life.

Healthy Body

  • Learn how to grow our own food according to Permaculture Principles.
  • Learn how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Bring more awareness about sleeping quality.
  • Appropriate and comfortable Accommodation.
  • Learn and experiment the benefits of a Vegetarian diet.

Peaceful Mind

  • Find right Balance between work and free time. 
  • Caring and supporting Community. 
  • Quiet and peaceful place close from Nature and Animals.
  • Dedicated and trustful mentor for personal development.
  • Activities and expeditions (music instruments, books, computers, wifi, games, seminars, visits, festivals, TV…)
  •  Meaningful time for reflexion

Soul Connection

  • Mantra meditation.
  • Seminars and lectures about spirituality.
  • Vedic culture in a day to day life
  • Spiritual bond between community members.
  • Reconnection with nature (forests, animals, plants etc.).
  • Emotional Intelligence Practice

A meaningful lifestyle

1. Health

- Sleep
- Food
- Recovery

3. Service

- Learning skills
- Using skills
- Teaching skills

2. Spiritual Practice

- Personal meditation
- Group meditation
- Vedic philosophy

4. Study

- Listening
- Reading
- Exchanging knowledge

Simple Living – High Thinking


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